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ESPER HAND is the next level bionic prosthetic hand that uses Machine Learning (ML) approach to recognize situations, help to choose grips, and provide stable, convenient, intuitive control individually for each user. It is the first hand prosthesis that learns user, and day by day becomes individual tool, like a part of a body.
The prototype of the bionic prosthetic hand
September 2018

The compact updated prototype of the bionic prosthetic hand, ESPER HAND for the first time used by an amputee-volunteer
April 2019

Developing the pre-certification version of ESPER HAND. To install it on volunteers for prolonged testing (daily usage for 2 weeks). Compact, stronger, faster, modular. Testing in operational environment by our team.
September 2019

The rendering of the final design of ESPER HAND (size S), w/o cover