We are the team of 5 engineers, 2 startup-experienced, 2 entrepreneurs, 1 MD; the team is driven by the opportunity of transforming humanity and impact; the team with the complementary needed skillset and proven team play; the team that consciously chosen its own longterm path, ready to learn, adapt, and act to get there step by step ferociously.
Esper Team
Dmytro Gazda
CEO, cofounder
Experience: Founder and former CEO of 3 international companies; medical doctor.
Shortly: Dreamer and doer; curious, optimistic and nerdy; drives and pushes.
Role in Esper: strategy and execution; vision, building the team, sales(getting LOIs), partnerships, fundraising; external design.
Ihor Ilchenko
VP Engineering, co-founder
Experience: Founder of an engineering buro. Has executed all r&d stages for 8 industrial devices as an outsourced contractor. Expert in manufacturing and design engineering. Tech skills: Operating and programming СNC machines via Linux CNC applications; 3D modeling via SolidWorks, Fusion360; advanced 3D-printing user.
Realistic and practical, result-oriented team lead and doer.
Role in Esper:
leads the engineering team; provides tests, prototyping, manufacturing, coordination with tech advisers, and manufacturing contractors, etc.
Borys Lobanov
Embedded engineer, co-founder
Experience: Full-stack embedded engineer, programmer, former game developer. Worked on more than 10 industry devices as an outsourced contractor. Tech skills: Expert in digital and small-signal analog electronics: circuit design, components features, manufacturing, security; C++, C#, Unity programming; Visual Studio, Altium, Maya, SolidWorks, Atollic TrueSTUDIO; advanced 3D-printing user.
The rear kind of inventor that makes all tasks done
Role in Esper:
Embedded hardware design, realization, and tests; design of general hardware and software architecture.
Ann Belevantseva
Operations manager, co-founder
Experience: Operations manager in 3 startups, founder of product startup (+kickstarter campaign).
Shortly: Straight-forward realistic fighter that makes our team - the company
Role in Esper: oversees performance and operations, controls costs and documentation, creates reports and databases, pushes the certification, contacts amputees and partners, etc.
Vitaliy Kuchma
Design engineer
Experience: For 6 years developer of movable machinery, including BLDC motors. More than 10 developed components are currently in use by the aerospace industry.Tech skills: 3D and 2D modeling via SolidWorks, Kompas, Autocad.
Focused genius, never hurries, never stops.
Role in Esper: Develops mechanical design, powertrain; tests design & materials; makes manufacturing documentation.
Anton Horbunkov
Embedded Software Engineer
Experience: 5 years of backend programming, 2 years of embedded programming.Tech skills: C, C#, C++ programming; Atollic TrueSTUDIO, Visual Studio.
Nerdy, persuasive and very fun, despite he never smiles :)
Role in Esper:
Designs, develops, codes, tests and debugs the main part of our software.
Stas Kokin
Design Engineer
Experience: 4 years of aircraft development. Developed, prototyped, manufactured prized aircrafts, has patents.Tech skills: 3D modeling via SolidWorks, Kompas, Fusion360; operating СNC machines; Experienced in composite materials, and composite manufacturing.
Shortly: Emotional hardworking brave inventor, hates limits.
Role in Esper:
develops and prototypes external components, stump socket; manufactures numbers of components on our facilities.
The short intro of the co-founders
Dmytro Gazda (as an entrepreneur) worked with Ann Belevantseva (as an employee) on 3 projects before Esper Bionics (more than 4 years for now). Ihor Ilchenko (entrepreneur, manufacturing expert, mechanical engineer) with Borys Lobanov (full-stack Embedded Engineer) worked on developing of 8 devices (all R&D stages) as an outsourcing engineering service (from 2016 till March 2019).
We met all together in April 2017 on discussing the opportunity of implant sensors for humanity and the prosthetic market as the shortest way to get the needed expertise in neural-computer interfaces and mechatronics. Then we had two resultative 3-months-sprints of prosthesis R&D and market research in prosthetics. In 2018 September we finished our second prototype, it was clear that we want to work together on the project fulltime and make something massive. We needed time to finish our obligations and Ihor had to relocate to Kyiv city.
In March 2019 we have started to work more full time on Esper Bionics in Kyiv. It is resultative, tones up and fun.

P.S. Actually, it is more than full time, but never exhausting in the right team. We often enjoy seeing each other after, chilling out together

Join our team!
We are looking for Embedded Engineers, Data Scientists, Industrial Designers, and Manufacturing Engineers.

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